In recent years, we have earned a strong reputation as a competent development supplier of stylish, functional components for vehicle interiors.

We develop innovative solutions for plastic components, such as control elements, cup holders, air vents and ashtrays.

Through our large number of various, successfully completed projects our engineers and technicians have a high level of experience in design conception, creation and kinematic interpretation.

Data quality is achieved by using a variety of development standards and CAD user-environments, including their add-ons and macros, specified by vehicle manufacturers.


  • Seat components
  • Plastic panels on the front and rear seats
  • Door and side panels
  • Center consoles with integrated functional elements (e.g. ashtray, cupholders, coin box)
  • kinematic function modules
  • Front Panel/Audio systems
  • Heating and air conditioning actuation in electronic and mechanical version
  • Vent systems
  • Interior lighting
  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Infotainment systems, etc.
  • Roof, side and pillar trim
  • Window well cover interior
  • Sills and door sills
  • Restraint systems
  • Cable grommets


  • Roof trim strips
  • Fuel tank flap modules
  • Trailer couplings
  • Window well cover
  • Window frames (molded)
  • Mirror
  • Protective and decorative strips
  • Headlight/tail lights
  • Bumper
  • Radiator grill